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CiberSystems IT Training is particular to the Information Technology (IT) industry, or to the abilities fundamental for performing data innovation occupations. IT training incorporates courses identified with the application, outline, improvement, usage, support or administration of PC based data frameworks.

The worldwide IT preparing market achieved $2.62B in 2014, as per gauges via TrainingIndustry.com. This is an estimated 6% diminish from the 2013 spend of $2.78B (USD). TrainingIndustry.com gauges the 2015 market stayed dormant around $2.6B (USD).

2014 - $2.62B
2013 - $2.78B
2012 - $2.8B
2011 - $2.7B
2010 - $2.6B

The North American (NA) showcase for IT preparing in 2014 was approximtely $1.41B (USD), which is around 54% of the worldwide market.

2014 North America: $1.41B; Rest of World: $1.21B
2013 North America: $1.51B; Rest of World: $1.29B
2012 North America: $1.51B; Rest of World: $1.3B
2011 North America: $1.6B; Rest of World: $1.1B

We offer best in class software training for all our area of services. Please contact our admin recruit@cibersystems.com to know more.

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